Improve your Living Space with Scatter Cushions

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Sprucing up your living space with scatter cushions is definitely not a bad idea. Rather, it is a unique idea which can bring a lot of glamour and attraction for your living room. You can use the scatter cushions in a number of different ways and can fill up the void spaces with amazing styles and designs. The cushion covers give you the liberty of completely rejuvenating the looks of your room with not much of a cost.

How to spruce up your living space using the scatter cushions


You can use many innovative techniques and styles to spruce up the living space in your home by using scatter cushions. The following is a list of some of the ideas to do the needful in the most appropriate manner:

Placement of the cushion is the key

It is the most vital known fact that the placement of your scatter cushion is the main thing that adds to the charm and beauty of your living space. No matter how attractive and expensive handmade scatter cushions you have; but if they are not intelligently placed, then it would never enhance the appearance of your room.  Rather, it can make the room look more dull and messy. In your bedroom, attractive scatter cushions look lovely when placed creatively.

The colour theme of the scatter cushions

In order to have a cohesive interior design look, you can match the colour theme of the scatter cushions with other notable objects in your room. The other objects can be your furniture colour, wall paint or the carpet/ floor etc. You may choose to go for a single solid colour that can be in contrast with the other notable objects in your room. If you are thinking about the colour of the scatter cushions in the last, then you must consider the existing colour scheme of your room and then act accordingly for the colour scheme of your cushions.


Different shapes of cushions

The square is the standard shape of the cushion that you will normally see on every other household on their couches, these most commonly range from the smaller 16″ x 16″ to the larger 20″ x 20″ cushions. These are fairly safe option and will suit the vast majority of furniture and décors well. There are also a range of other shapes to choose from too, some that suit your furniture and décor far better. Rectangle or bolster/ cylindrical shape cushions are good options and are commonly available both online and on the high street.

Texture and Pattern

The texture, pattern and designing of your cushions can also add to the visual appeal of your room. You may choose to go for alternate textures for the different cushions in your room which will give a contrasting look. Patchwork on the scatter cushions is also in fashion these days and would definitely look amazing.

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