Why you should Choose Handmade Scatter Cushions

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Finding the right cushions for your room can be a tiresome task. You could spend an entire day, going from one shop to shop on the high street and still not find the design and level of quality that you want. We all like to make our homes look their best, but we also want our homes to have a unique touch, which is difficult if we have the same furnishings as our neighbours.

So why Handmade Scatter Cushions?


The main reason to choose handmade scatter cushion covers is their individuality. Your neighbours are highly unlikely have the same furnishings as you. The level of quality in these cushions is much higher and are often made by an enthusiast who resides in your own country. These enthusiasts posses a much higher level of skill, which is evident when you compare them side by side. In addition to all of this, these handmade cushions will often be made from better quality and designer fabrics. Some are made from quality upholstery fabrics too, which means your cushions will last much longer than the cheaper alternatives.

Conversely, mass produced scatter cushions and covers made for the high street are unfortunately poorly constructed in comparison and certainly won’t feature the level of finesse found in the handmade varieties.vintage-green-brocade-jacquard-scatter-cushion

Where to Buy

Handmade scatter cushion covers will be more expensive to purchase, but not overly so. There are many ways to get a hold of them, but purchasing them online is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to do so.
There are many websites that sell beautiful handmade scatter cushion covers as well as the inserts to go with them too. You can go with larger, common websites but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just these.

There are also a variety of cottage industries with their own dedicated e-commerce website selling these wonderful scatter cushions too. These are usually cheaper as their overheads are still much lower than they would be if their business was based on the high street. Selby Soft Furnishings is a great example of such a website. Their scatter cushion covers are all top quality and handmade in the UK. Alternatively you can look on Ebay.