Why you should Choose Handmade Scatter Cushions

Finding the right cushions for your room can be a tiresome task. You could spend an entire day, going from one shop to shop on the high street and still not find the design and level of quality that you want. We all like to make our homes look their best, but we also want our homes to have a unique touch, which is difficult if we have the same furnishings as our neighbours.

So why Handmade Scatter Cushions?


The main reason to choose handmade scatter cushion covers is their individuality. Your neighbours are highly unlikely have the same furnishings as you. The level of quality in these cushions is much higher and are often made by an enthusiast who resides in your own country. These enthusiasts posses a much higher level of skill, which is evident when you compare them side by side. In addition to all of this, these handmade cushions will often be made from better quality and designer fabrics. Some are made from quality upholstery fabrics too, which means your cushions will last much longer than the cheaper alternatives.

Conversely, mass produced scatter cushions and covers made for the high street are unfortunately poorly constructed in comparison and certainly won’t feature the level of finesse found in the handmade varieties.vintage-green-brocade-jacquard-scatter-cushion

Where to Buy

Handmade scatter cushion covers will be more expensive to purchase, but not overly so. There are many ways to get a hold of them, but purchasing them online is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to do so.
There are many websites that sell beautiful handmade scatter cushion covers as well as the inserts to go with them too. You can go with larger, common websites but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just these.

There are also a variety of cottage industries with their own dedicated e-commerce website selling these wonderful scatter cushions too. These are usually cheaper as their overheads are still much lower than they would be if their business was based on the high street. Selby Soft Furnishings is a great example of such a website. Their scatter cushion covers are all top quality and handmade in the UK. Alternatively you can look on Ebay.

Improve your Living Space with Scatter Cushions

Sprucing up your living space with scatter cushions is definitely not a bad idea. Rather, it is a unique idea which can bring a lot of glamour and attraction for your living room. You can use the scatter cushions in a number of different ways and can fill up the void spaces with amazing styles and designs. The cushion covers give you the liberty of completely rejuvenating the looks of your room with not much of a cost.

How to spruce up your living space using the scatter cushions


You can use many innovative techniques and styles to spruce up the living space in your home by using scatter cushions. The following is a list of some of the ideas to do the needful in the most appropriate manner:

Placement of the cushion is the key

It is the most vital known fact that the placement of your scatter cushion is the main thing that adds to the charm and beauty of your living space. No matter how attractive and expensive handmade scatter cushions you have; but if they are not intelligently placed, then it would never enhance the appearance of your room.  Rather, it can make the room look more dull and messy. In your bedroom, attractive scatter cushions look lovely when placed creatively.

The colour theme of the scatter cushions

In order to have a cohesive interior design look, you can match the colour theme of the scatter cushions with other notable objects in your room. The other objects can be your furniture colour, wall paint or the carpet/ floor etc. You may choose to go for a single solid colour that can be in contrast with the other notable objects in your room. If you are thinking about the colour of the scatter cushions in the last, then you must consider the existing colour scheme of your room and then act accordingly for the colour scheme of your cushions.


Different shapes of cushions

The square is the standard shape of the cushion that you will normally see on every other household on their couches, these most commonly range from the smaller 16″ x 16″ to the larger 20″ x 20″ cushions. These are fairly safe option and will suit the vast majority of furniture and décors well. There are also a range of other shapes to choose from too, some that suit your furniture and décor far better. Rectangle or bolster/ cylindrical shape cushions are good options and are commonly available both online and on the high street.

Texture and Pattern

The texture, pattern and designing of your cushions can also add to the visual appeal of your room. You may choose to go for alternate textures for the different cushions in your room which will give a contrasting look. Patchwork on the scatter cushions is also in fashion these days and would definitely look amazing.

Scatter cushions

All you need to know about Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions are also alternately known as throw pillows or toss pillows in some parts of the world. They are mostly used for decorative purposes on sofas, rockers and beds. But, they also bring comfort to the users. Some people love it for both aesthetic/ cosmetic reasons and also to give some support to their back, neck or head while seated or lying on the bed. The customers of scatter cushions can infuse any space in their home to decorate it with lucrative scatter cushions with nice and stylish designs. The best thing about the scatter cushions is that they can completely transform the look and feel of your room into a very lucrative way and that too without costing too much of the money. They bring the same value to your living space just as some jewelry or a scarf can bring to the outfit of a person.


Basics of scatter cushions

The main aspects associated with the scatter cushions are its shape, fabric and the inserts. These three things can make up a nice scatter cushion set which can surely glorify the looks of your living space by adding great value and charm to it. The following is a brief description of all three aspects:

  • Scatter cushion inserts – The scatter cushion inserts are of three main types such as feather, foam and polyester. The feather type is the most expensive as it is made from natural feathers of ducks and geese. They are very comfortable and relaxing and can take any form or shape. Their downside is that it isn’t possible to wash them as the feathers are not something that can dry with ease. The polyester types provide a good compromise between the feather and the foam type and are widely used on couches and beds. The foam type is the most inexpensive of all and it is the most widely used option. People prefer it for its comfort and also they are very easy to wash and clean.
  • Scatter cushion shapes – The scatter cushion shapes have endless variety which can easily mesmerize the masses who are looking to beautify their living space at home. The square size is the most common and the most preferred of all. The rectangular, circular and the cylindrical shapes come after that which are also commonly seen in many households on their sofas, rockers and beds for a variety of purposes.
  • Scatter cushion fabric – The scatter cushion fabric is the main thing that the people can see and it is something that can also make an impression on others. There are a number of different types of fabrics available which the buyers can creatively exploit to add nice glamour into their living space. Handmade cushions are highly preferable as their raw looks give a nice visual feel to the room where they are used for decoration. Further, the buyers can also order for customized designs as per their choice.