All you need to know about Scatter Cushions

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Scatter cushions are also alternately known as throw pillows or toss pillows in some parts of the world. They are mostly used for decorative purposes on sofas, rockers and beds. But, they also bring comfort to the users. Some people love it for both aesthetic/ cosmetic reasons and also to give some support to their back, neck or head while seated or lying on the bed. The customers of scatter cushions can infuse any space in their home to decorate it with lucrative scatter cushions with nice and stylish designs. The best thing about the scatter cushions is that they can completely transform the look and feel of your room into a very lucrative way and that too without costing too much of the money. They bring the same value to your living space just as some jewelry or a scarf can bring to the outfit of a person.


Basics of scatter cushions

The main aspects associated with the scatter cushions are its shape, fabric and the inserts. These three things can make up a nice scatter cushion set which can surely glorify the looks of your living space by adding great value and charm to it. The following is a brief description of all three aspects:

  • Scatter cushion inserts – The scatter cushion inserts are of three main types such as feather, foam and polyester. The feather type is the most expensive as it is made from natural feathers of ducks and geese. They are very comfortable and relaxing and can take any form or shape. Their downside is that it isn’t possible to wash them as the feathers are not something that can dry with ease. The polyester types provide a good compromise between the feather and the foam type and are widely used on couches and beds. The foam type is the most inexpensive of all and it is the most widely used option. People prefer it for its comfort and also they are very easy to wash and clean.
  • Scatter cushion shapes – The scatter cushion shapes have endless variety which can easily mesmerize the masses who are looking to beautify their living space at home. The square size is the most common and the most preferred of all. The rectangular, circular and the cylindrical shapes come after that which are also commonly seen in many households on their sofas, rockers and beds for a variety of purposes.
  • Scatter cushion fabric – The scatter cushion fabric is the main thing that the people can see and it is something that can also make an impression on others. There are a number of different types of fabrics available which the buyers can creatively exploit to add nice glamour into their living space. Handmade cushions are highly preferable as their raw looks give a nice visual feel to the room where they are used for decoration. Further, the buyers can also order for customized designs as per their choice.